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cas is the octo, sprawler, blanket hogger, floofy haired, grumpy, angel cake, dean move over, dean I need more space, I want to stretch my legs on top of your body, I am a cat, I want to snuggle with you guy.

and dean is the grumbly, sleeps without moving all night like a deadman, complains about cas stealing all the damned covers, cas you’re so hot like all the time are you sure you don’t have a fever, why are you sleeping with socks on, but I love you so I’m just going to deal with it guy.

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url inspired picspam: plaidchester

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but watching the cophine scene in entangled bank is so adorable because delphine is doing her little speech about bisexuality and cosima is just nodding sO ENTHUSIASTICALLY ITS THE CUTEST LIKE. YES. PLEASE. GO ON. BISEXUALITY OHMYGODYES KEEP GOING.

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Anonymous said:
Is it me or people saying that demon!Dean act like his true self are weird? Did they even watched s8 and 9? It's not true Dean, it's opposite of true Dean.



There’s as outpastthemoat calls it, the “genuine” Dean, and (what I’ll call) the “adaptive” Dean (there’s extensive narrative structure for this as a working term in 9x05 and 9x08 through the MOTW, but really all of the early season divine narrative).  From a lot of non-meta community peeps (folks that don’t use our specific hive-speak terminology) I see them (in general) calling “adaptive Dean” simply “Dean”, which is what I think you are probably reading (and tbh a lot of those peeps think “genuine Dean” doesn’t exist at all sadly).  Now, from what I can gleen from things I’ve seen from the previews/PR and demonic construct as I understand it, demon!Dean seems to be the “adaptive” Dean x1000 IMO.  So you “normally” have “adaptive Dean” right?  ”Adaptive Dean”, who covers “genuine Dean” in a protective cloak of repression and self-loathing, right?  He does this to protect his heart, which doesn’t believe he is worth anything and is poison.  It’s all “Dean” because he uses the mask of “womanizer who doesn’t need a long term relationship” to protect “genuine Dean”, but… only “genuine Dean” (who we saw in season 8) is actually "Dean".  

I briefly saw someone call Demon!Dean the “anti-Dean” I think?  That is a term that is just as accurate as “adaptive Dean” IMO.  Basically, I’d say Demon!Dean is “adaptive Dean” WITHOUT access to LOVE.  So really, not a trace of “genuine Dean” at all, and a monster that will do what it takes to never give a painful fuck again.  :( 

I kind of hesitate to separate Dean into two parts, one that’s the “real” Dean and one that isn’t, because there isn’t some line that we can draw that will tell us where one ends and the other begins.  Dean’s performance of the womanizing macho hunter has been a part of his persona for so long that it’s impossible to really separate the performance from the reality in any satisfactory way.

So demon!Dean isn’t so much an amplification of the performance so much as he’s a manifestation of the trauma that forced Dean to create that persona in the first place.  Every aspect of demon!Dean’s personality comes from Dean himself, and could therefore be termed as the “real Dean;” the difference is that demon!Dean is only made of the trauma and posturing that he’s used as a defense mechanism against it, rather than the less extreme version of Dean who cares too much about people, and who doesn’t fit into the macho hunter performance that he’s tried to fit into his whole life.

The purpose of demon!Dean is to demonstrate to everybody, including Dean, that the performance and defense mechanisms are toxic and damaging for everyone involved.  That demonstration doesn’t work if those aspects of Dean’s personality aren’t part of the “real Dean.”  Otherwise, the whole process of recreating himself into someone who has a real chance at happiness rather than just a death wish would be a hell of a lot easier for him.

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endless list of favourite characters: sarah manning

"There’s only one of me."

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9 Years of Supernatural

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i am a partially deceased syndrome sufferer and what i did in my untreated state was
. n o t m y f a u l t .

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